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  • tony78 01/15/09 2:30 pm PST

    in order to do this repair you will need a hydraulic press to remove and install the pinion shaft bearing and the side gear bearings.also you will need the jigs and mounts / support jigs to support the bearings during the removal / installation.

    these tools are expensive to buy.

    the rationale for purchase would be :

    a. you live in the outback and travel to a shop would difficult.

    b. you plan on doing this kind of repair all the time and you would make your money back.

    in retrospect,,since in all likelyhood this repair will be a one time thing..it would be cheaper and quicker for the shop to do the repair.

    check with the dealer,,they may have a service manual for your truck on a software disk and they should have it available in printed format.

  • 0patience 01/15/09 7:28 pm PST

    To add to what has been already stated,
    the repair will require some other specialty tools, such as;
    dial inch/lb torque wrench
    foot/lb torque wrench
    depth micrometer and clamp assembly for setting backlash
    and either prussian blue dye or gear lash paste for checking gear pattern.

    Why did the spiders get chewed up?
    You may have more problems than just the differential.

    What, besides the gears are damaged?
    you may find that metal has damaged the carrier bearings and axle bearings too.

    No disrespect intended, but it really isn't a DIY repair, as much as some folks think it is.
    If not properly set up, you can tear up the new differential.

  • stuntmanmike81 01/20/09 9:33 am PST

    Randy's ring and pinion book is a good book for somewhat of an experenced  mechanic.

    To answer your question you could pull the axles, remove differential, slide spider gears out and replace with new ones.  I also would suggest taking the truck somewhere to have it done right R&R all the bearings, cleaning out axle, setting gears up, etc.  But if you don't have the money in these times,  with careful inspection of the other rearend parts, and cleaning.  I see no reason why it can't be done.  I have seen the limited slip rearends chew the spider gears up  when one wheel is spinning to fast for the limited slip to engauge, or when it does engauge it tears spider gears, positraction unit etc.  I am quessing that you have a limited slip since you have a Z71.          I couldn't tell you if this was the cause so you would be spending time and money on the wrong problem possibly.  Your better off trouble shooting and repairing the problem that caused the spider gears to tear up or have someone with the tools and experience to do it.  Also Installing new spider gears would not require the rearend to be set up.


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