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  • karjunkie 03/23/09 2:13 pm PST

    Your oil pressure sensor is bad and needs to be replaced. It is a cheap and easy fix. I would pull the fuse for the sensor and see if that resets the ECM module. It might just be a glitch. If that doesn't work, then replace the sensor.

  • papa4x 03/23/09 5:02 pm PST

    As it turns out, it appears not to be any of the above. Though, the gas gauge shows 3/8 of a tank, it was empty. I put in a few gallons and it started right up. I still have a check engine light on, but that will be for another day once my blood pressure and heart rate comes back down. ( I tried the oil module fuse pull and also tried to remove the module itself, notice I said tried. It will be a bear to get off for the person that has to get it off)


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