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  • karjunkie 02/10/10 11:44 am PST

    You must access the alternator from the bottom of the car as it sits low on the engine, on the passenger side.You must get car on a lift or jack stands and remove the wheel on that side and the 2 bolts one on the top and one on the bottom of the alternator. Then you slide the bolts out and pull down the alternator after you disconnect the plug and cable nut. Getting the alternator out on this car is a bit of a pain as it is a very tight fit but it will come out without taking any hoses off with some patience. An experienced mechanic should be able to take it out and replace it in about 2 hours if all goes well. It will probably take you twice as long if you've never done this before. I highly recommend getting a Haynes or Chilton manual for 20 bucks if you intend doing this type of repair yourself. It will pay for itself on the first repair. Good luck!


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