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  • zaken1 06/16/10 4:30 am PST

    It could be the starter; but it is more likely a bad starter solenoid (which is mounted on top of the starter), or a bad starter relay or ignition relay; or a bad neutral safety switch. The starter relay and ignition relay are each less than $10, and are interchangeable with each other; so that would be a good place to begin. If you can check to see whether; when the motor does not start, there is 12 volts at the small wire on the starter solenoid that comes from the ignition switch; this will tell you whether the problem is in the solenoid or not. If there is 12 volts at the small wire on the solenoid when the key is turned and the motor does not crank; then the solenoid is bad. But if there is not 12 volts at that point when the key is turned to start and nothing happens; it could be any of the other items except the solenoid.

  • ddmcneill 07/20/10 6:35 pm PST

    I had the same problem, They replaced my started and it has been working evern sense.


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