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  • elgeeps 10/09/08 1:24 am PST

    Answering my own question.

    Fuse F4 under hood feeds 12V through firewall on pink/black 12 guage wire which goes to a 26 pin connector and then through the ignition switch on to the fuse panel where it provides through fuses 12V to the Pwr windows, rear window defogger, backup lights, Heater/AC fan control, and the Air bag light on instrument panel. Found the 26 pin connector behind the Knee kick panel and the pink/black wire was blackened going into and out of the connector. Removed connector from mounting tab, unlocked it and pulled it apart. Found pin connectors fried. Cleaned them up and put dielectric grease on them and put connector back together. It worked. Had a couple times where it quit again and pulled it a part and back together again.. Still working now. But I plan to cut that wire out of the connector and put a splice on that pink/black wire. Think maybe too many things going through that wire, but I have noticed my fan making noise so maybe it was loading the circuit.. Will be checking that out also.. and of course if you were running the Heat/AC fan in high and were backing up and lowering or raising windows at the same time it would put a big load on it.. Sheesh..


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