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  • jdpowers 04/23/13 11:57 am PST

    I have the same exact car and I my situation is identical. I eventually ran out of ideas and took my car to the shop (something I am not fond of doing). I haven't heard anything yet, however, the shop's next theory is that my head gasket has gone bad and coolant is leaking into the spark plug wells, saturating the spark plug and causing the misfire. I have not seen any "telltale signs" that would lead me to believe that the head gasket is going out (particularly white smoke), but it is nerve-racking to hear that your head gasket is potentially going out. Sorry to bring you less than great news, hope this helps...

  • jdpowers 04/23/13 12:30 pm PST

    Just heard back from my mechanic. It was not the head gasket, but I would still get yours checked out. Look it up on youtube, there are several ways to easily check the head gasket on your own. Apparently, if you have replaced the spark plugs, and placed the original coil back on, then change that coil to a new one, it can make the new coil go bad. You may want to check into that...


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