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  • pam4water 11/09/08 4:04 pm PST

    How long did you try and start it for? Once the fuel line is empty, it can take a while for the pump to prime the line all the way to the engine again. Usually when you run out of gas you end up getting a new fuel pump. Any little bits of grit and rust that were flooting around the bottem of you fuel tank get sucked in the pump or clog the inflow to the pump. The grit scratch up the pumps moving parts or the a grate at the out flow of the tank making the pump work harder to pull that gas out of the tank. You usualy get a week to a couple of months of driving before the pump goes, unless the pump was already on it's last legs.

  • snoofy 11/10/08 8:21 am PST

    I wouldn't worry about the fuel pump if I were you, even after this it should still have some life left in it. What I would do is get some fuel in the tank, cycle the key several times (not trying to start it, just so that the pump kicks on). Then, spray some ether in the air intake to get it started. Once you get the engine to fire, it should help draw fuel from the tank. Some injector cleaner might not be a bad idea after running the tank dry though.


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