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  • Stever@Edmunds 04/09/12 10:16 pm PST

    Saw this post earlier but no ideas. Brake interlock switch perhaps? Maybe the ignition switch just decided to get flaky that day (you could search for wires to jiggle near the switch, although I'm leery of messing around close to the air bag).

    Try asking in the TrailBlazer Electrical Problems discussion on the Edmunds Forums.

  • fj4072 04/27/12 7:59 pm PST

    Sounds like the imfamous ignition switch. Not the one your key goes into, but it's inside the steering colum on the bottom side, easy to replace, little black box looking thing.

    Your key being stuck....some models have a punched hole under the key igntion. Push the button and release the key. Those where the hole isn't there- there is an etched circle of where the hole should of been, drill this plastic out and push the button.

    You're on the right track for the blower motor resistor. If it's melted, replace the resistor connector pigtail.....I just replaced this entire assembly for my neighbors TB, very easy. Luckily on my personal TB, mine didn't melt so was lucky.

  • helpme215 08/29/15 9:43 pm PST

    Did you ever figure it out I have the same problem, changed the ignition switch but no luck


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