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  • zolecki 12/15/08 2:53 am PST

    Sounds like the fuse, check and replace the fuse even if it looks good, it may still be bad.

  • karjunkie 12/15/08 7:43 am PST

    you should check the fuses and relays in the fuse box first. If they test good, you probably have a bad fusible link. This will often cause several of the cars electrical systems like power windows, sunroof, radio etc. to stop working at the same time. It is usually located at or near the battery and built into the positive cable with a square plastic box that surrounds the cable or a series of multi colored wires at the end of the cable where it connects to the starter relay or the alternator. Follow the large battery cable to the starter relay and alternator. Look for the fuse box that surrounds the cable or the wires that run to the starter relay or alternator’s output terminal. That is the fuse link. If the fuse link has blown due to a current surge condition, the box or wire insulation will show bubbling and melting (it’s supposed to do that). Replacement links are available at most auto parts stores.


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