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  • alaskanj 04/21/10 2:37 am PST

    did you check the fuses?

  • bjewett35 04/21/10 10:39 am PST

    yes I have checked all the fuses and everything looks good there. The dash board selector switch would change into 4 hi or 4 low sometimes when you would first start it then it changed to a red light when you would start it. Now it does nothing at all.

  • alaskanj 04/21/10 12:30 pm PST

    Bring it to a parts store like Autozone, they can put a code reader to it and get you some trouble codes. They do this for free, once you have those then we can figure out what exactly is wrong, otherwise it is a shot in the dark.

  • 2003silverado 04/22/10 12:27 pm PST

    My Silverado does this, I had to purchase the touch button hardware piece itself. Have had to do it twice now. Keep the receipt dealerships usually have a 1 year warranty.


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