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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/14/13 7:29 pm PST

    I'd fix it. The car is probably worth $5000 private party, so you'll leaving $3500 on the table. That's not chump change. Diesels have pretty good resale value right now.


  • morin2 02/18/13 10:25 am PST

    Your TDI is a car in high demand - and would be easy to sell yourself once it is fixed. I would repair it and either keep it or sell privately. I would not have those repairs done at the VW dealer, but at a qualified independent TDI specialist. If it does not "show well", you could consider trading it in (have it detailed first) as that would be easiest.

    If it is a hostage at the VW dealership, that helps explain the low trade-in offer. You are not in a good bargaining position when you need to act quickly. Keep in mind that the trade-in should only be brought up after you negotiate a fair purchase price for the new car. Then bring up the trade and negotiate its trade-in. It sounds like there is plenty of room for negotiation with such a low first offer of 1500. I've never accepted the first trade-in offer, but it apparently happens often - with lots of money getting "left on the table".

  • texases 02/18/13 10:25 am PST

    One thing that worries me is that the dealer isn't sure the pump is the problem. I would think they could diagnose this problem better than that. You might ask them why it's so hard to diagnose: there's no ignition system, so you're either getting fuel or you're not. Since this happened suddenly, not gradually, it would seem there's a failed component somewhere that they should be able to accurately find and replace.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/18/13 11:36 am PST

    I agree---ask them to TEST the fuel pump and to be SURE that's the problem, or drag it out of there and go somewhere else.

    An $800 repair and a $250 detailing is well worth it for this car. Even IF you decide to sell it, it'll be running and clean and you can easily recoup what you spent to get it ready for sale.

    The dealer would invest in that car, spiff it up and probably retail it for $7500---he can get that kind of money because he can finance people who don't have any money.


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