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  • tony78 10/24/09 12:57 am PST

    Was the truck not getting spark, before or after the crank sensor was replaced ?

    Was the old crank sensor tested, before it was replaced, or was it just replaced just for the sake of replacing it ?

    If the crank sensor was not tested, then somebody is guessing.

    If the crank sensor was tested, then the problem is in another area or component.

    Check for fuel / fuel pressure, spark, compression, 3 basic things.

    Scan computer for stored or active codes.

  • habwoman 10/24/09 1:12 am PST

    More info here. Crank sensor wasn't within variables so replaced. No spark before and after, as I remember. No stored codes. Tech has told me he has checked coil--and I think I remember he said little spark going from coil to plugs. Replaced battery about a month ago after needing jump. Thanks for any ideas.

  • tony78 10/24/09 1:14 am PST

    Ok, you have a tech working on it, give him some time to locate the fault, sometimes the issue takes a little detective work.


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