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  • scanman1 01/19/11 11:48 am PST

    You need to have the amperage draw checked on fuel pump. install a ampmeter in series withe fuel pump power supply, easlest place is the fuse that your are replacing. Watch the mtere while you drive and see what happens . 5 to 7 amps is about normal run amperage is anything more will cause fuse to eventaully blow. You probally have a bad fuel pump or chafed wire somewhere. do visual inspection from fuel tank to fuse panel 9not easy Take to tech sry.

  • ethel6932 04/19/13 3:31 am PST

    I had the same thing happen to my 05 expedition .. not once but twice in the three years i have owned it ... it was the Fuel Pump Driver Module

    It is located driverside on frame rail behind rear wheel. This was purely very poor thinking on Ford's part with the placement of this computerized part .. both times the Module was so badly corroded that it got moisture etc inside it and it eventually stopped working.. of course while i was driving down the road ALONE at 1:30 am ... I think this should have been a recall if you want my personal opinion. The module cost me about $120.00 and took the mechanic about a half hour or so to change.


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