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  • robert137 02/14/09 11:58 pm PST

    I will Quote from Ford.If the drum will not come off pry the rubber plug from the backing plate inspection hole.Remove the brake line to axle retention braket,.This will allow
    sufficient room to insert suitable brake tools through the inspection to disengage the
    adjusting lever and back off the adjusting screw.Good luck.

  • dragon5126 05/29/10 4:03 am PST

    with a decent adjuster you wont have to remove the lines from the bracket but there is indeed a self adjuster hiding in there it is at a slight angle from the opening... after tightening the adjuster down you will probably have to use a good sized slide hammer to break the drum off the hub. I just finished doing this myself today...

  • jerryj836 09/14/10 1:12 pm PST

    I know this is kind of late but I have a tool and a video on how to remove the rear drums.
    If you need to know about the tool contact me at jerryj@kc.rr.com

  • frank171 01/28/12 1:40 pm PST


    05 Ford Taurus rear brake drums removal.

    Rear drums will not come off. They have never been serviced they still had the washers on the lug nut studs. Removed the washers loosened the e brake cable and they turn freely but will not come off. It is like the shoes are grooved into the drums keeping them from sliding off. But like I said they spin easy. Not sure what could be holding them on. Removed the rubber plug where you would normally do to adjust the brakes, but there is no adjustments in there to adjust with my brake adjuster tool. Looking for some answers to what else I need to do to remove the drums


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