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  • zaken1 07/13/11 1:52 am PST

    If the service engine light comes on; it means the computer identified a problem in the engine or its controls. There will be a trouble code stored in the computer's memory which lists the problem. The way to deal with the code is to connect a code scanner to the computer, and read the code. If the code refers to excessively rich fuel mixture; the only way you can keep the light from triggering (and causing your car to get worse fuel economy and fail smog tests, because it creates more pollution than the law allows); and also wash the oil off the cylinder walls and shorten the engine life and gradually clog up the catalytic converter with carbon, is to disconnect the device which is causing the problem. The only way the light can be turned off is to use a code scanner to erase the code. But as long as that thing is hooked up; the light will keep coming back on.

  • ofrakin 09/03/11 8:23 pm PST

    I have the same car and my OBDII says there are 0 problem codes, I erase anyways, but my engine maintenace light still glows. I'm also real tired of unlocking the car every 15sec. and waking everyone in the TH just opening the door.

  • ofrakin 09/03/11 8:58 pm PST

    You will hold down the regular odometer button and then start the car. It will reset to 0:5000 miles. Hold the button down and a 1 appears: 4000 miles, 2: 3000 miles ect., whatever you want.


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