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  • tony78 08/22/09 10:58 pm PST

    Well you dont want to get in trouble with the police and get charged for battery and assault on a gas pump.

    What you really want to do is take your car to the shop and tell them you are having a problem with the " Vapor Recovery System ".

    Explain to the mechanic how much trouble it is to fill up the car and your recent run-in with the one pump bandit and they will do thier best to help keep you on the right side of the law.

  • zaken1 08/23/09 1:36 am PST

    The design of the fuel tank and filler neck on certain vehicles will cause the pump nozzle to back up if either A> you pump the fuel in too fast, or B> you don't insert the nozzle in far enough to compress the bellows and create a vacuum in the nozzle's vapor recovery system, or C> you are holding the nozzle at the wrong angle. On some cars; the pump nozzle will only work well when it is held at a certain angle. It may be that if you hold the nozzle 1/2 turn reversed from where you usually hold it, it will not back up so easily.


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