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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/24/08 8:56 pm PST

    This needs to go to a dealer to a trained technician with the Prius diagnostic equipment I'm afraid. Seems like the computer is getting a bad signal so that needs to be tracked down. The ABS light could be just a bad sensor jarred loose during the accident.

  • sergelbergeron 09/26/08 4:58 pm PST

    This is serious and only a trained mechanic should work on a hybrids. Bring it to your dealer.

  • dstarinieri 10/20/08 10:31 pm PST

    And that is why I no longer have my Prius, only the dealer can work on it. Sounds like no cheap fix. My advice get it running and sell it. I sold mine for more than I paid for it new.


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