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  • tony78 06/10/08 6:05 pm PST

    How do you know that gmc " knows " of this problem ? did somebody at the dealership tell you that ? It seems that if your car is under warranty you should get new engine or repair done free. Normally if the owner repairs something that is later recalled the owner does not get reimbursed,,,because when an owner receives a recall notice,,the vehicle is brought into dealer for repair and the factory reimburses the dealership.

  • unhappy21 06/10/08 6:25 pm PST

    Because we actually had communication with a GMC Rep. by phone.

  • jlflemmons 06/10/08 6:53 pm PST

    How many miles are on the engine?

  • tony78 06/10/08 6:53 pm PST

    Ok, good that ph. call should help you get problem resolved,,i hope everything works,,this seems like an isolated incident.

  • 0patience 06/10/08 8:11 pm PST

    First, what engine is in your truck?
    There were 8 different engine options for that truck.
    Is it a hybrid engine? High output (HO)? Flex fuel?
    4.3L? 4.8L? 5.3L? 6.0L?

    It does make a difference in doing some research. Hate to be looking up the wrong engine.

    Also, as was asked. How many miles? Are you out of warranty?
    If you aren't out of warranty, why worry?

  • unhappy21 06/10/08 11:08 pm PST

    The phone call didn't help at all. It is out of warranty. It has 64K miles on it. We drove it off there lot 1 1/2 years ago with no miles on it. The engine is a 5.3. On May 28th a TSB (technical service bulletin) was posted that this was a problem. The actually problem was the lifter tip it came apart it wiped out the cam sending metal through the engine.

  • 0patience 06/11/08 12:30 am PST

    Do you happen to have the TSB number that you say was posted?
    I went through all the service bulletins and recalls on your vehicle and didn't find anything related.

    If you had the number, I could see what it says.

    Remember though, service bulletins are not recalls and you pay.

  • unhappy21 06/17/08 9:50 am PST

    No, I'm sorry we do not have TBS number. We have received the truck back $7800.00 later that we paid. GMC Corp Rep did call us again and said they would call us back today. So lets see what they say today. If they call.

  • jpsierra08 07/14/09 9:21 am PST

    I've just experienced a similar situation but not to the same severity. I have an 08 Sierra with approx. 55k miles and last week I begin expereincing a rather loud/strange clicking noise coming from the engine. It didn't trigger a fault warning and it varied in loudness and frequency but it was always present. I took it in to the dealer the following day after the sound became apparent for further investigation thinking perhaps it was the belt, rubbing shroud, power steering pump, etc. The dealer took the belts off and the noise was still present...it turned out to be a lifter. In addition, I had a small score (not sure as to the extent) on my cam shaft...fortunately it was all covered under the drivetrain warranty and GMC authorized replacing all the lifters and the cam shaft. I have to say for GM to authorize replacing all of the lifters makes me a bit suspicious that there may be a potential flaw in the original lifters or this is not an isolated problem.


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