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  • isellhondas 07/27/10 12:21 pm PST

    " Any ideas on what could be causing this"

    Yes, it's called old age and I wouldn't worry about this one bit.

    All cars use some oil. They have to.

    If you are using a quart of oil every 1000-2000 miles this really isn't a big deal.

    Just realize that as your truck ages it's important to keep a closer eye on the oil level.

  • morin2 07/27/10 5:15 pm PST

    I think these call for new plugs etc at 100K miles, as per your manual. Sometimes, because that service interval is so long, some components go unchecked until its time for its first tune-up. If it hasn't been done, I'd do it now. The 5.3 engine has a PCV valve at the rear of the left valve cover. You could pull out the PCV valve and hold your finger over it to check for vacuum. Sometimes a new PCV valve will correct a sudden oil consumption problem. Take it off & shake it - if it doesn't rattle, replace it.

    In addition, use a strong flashlight to look around for any oil leaks. If you find a leak, I'd recommend discontinuing the Mobil 1 and going to a high mileage oil with seal conditioners. I have seen such oils eliminate leaks and I use them myself in a truck with 203K miles. Of course, gentle tightening of the valve cover bolts to your torque specs helps too.

    I also think its possible, as isell indicated, that this may be your new reality. So, you should check your oil frequently. Waiting until oil changes is too long to check your oil. If you are still driving this at a rate of 30-35K miles/year, you should check your oil and other fluids every weekend.

  • nhchevyowner 05/02/12 3:46 pm PST

    I purchased an 07 suburban and have the same problem. Chevy put out a bulletin on this, it has to do with their engine design which leverages the ability to use only 4 cylendars when not under heavy load and 8 when it needs more power. When it's using only 4 cylenders oil splashes onto the inactive cylenders and seeps around the rings which have cooled and shrunk. They have two remediations. One to adjust the pvc under the valve cover and a splash gaurd and the other to do something in the oil pan. Mine started to show this issue at 45,000 and both remediations have made no difference. Although I reported this under warrenty, they are giving me the run around indicating there is nothing else they can do (the dealer) they won't even approach GM as their experience is GM won't do more. I"m still dancing with them.


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