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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/29/10 12:33 pm PST

    Check to see if you have brake lights. If you have no brake lights, your brake light switch is defective and it controls the shift-interlock solenoid that keeps you from shifting unless your foot is on the brake!

  • lanutt 06/15/10 9:50 pm PST

    After trying the spring trick from another post, my key would not come out. Then the spring came off and went under the shifter hold down bracket (which is held on by 4 10mm bolts). After removing that we found the factory spring and the other spring we were using. The factory spring is about 1/2" in length with a circle at each end. The problem is the hot pink button on the left side, it should have a hook for one of these ends to go into but it is broke off. So we used the factory spring and on the hot pink button we screwed a 1/4" coarse thread screw into the plastic with one end of the spring on it, DO NOT over tighten this screw as you will distort the spring. The other end need to go on a small black hook that is molded on the shifter mechanism. Hope this help you!


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