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  • karjunkie 09/21/10 8:44 am PST

    There is an air vent on the back, top of the Powerglide case that must be plugged up by crud which is common on these trannies. Once plugged, fluid pressure can push it up through the dipstick tube as in your case. You may have to lower the transmission to get at it, or possibly you can remove the floorboards over the transmission to see it. I don't recall off hand on a 1954 model whether or not the opening is over the vent - but there's a good chance it is. Put the car up on a lift and look for the vent and the outline of the floor opening from below. You may also be able to get the vent off for cleaning from below. Next, check the filling tube for two things: 1) that it has not loosened and started lifting out. This will cause an incorrect level reading of "low" when the fluid is not actually low and therefore result in "overfilling" without knowing it; and 2) verify if the fill tube wasn't possibly replaced with an incorrect replacement tube from a different model, same effect. Also, look on another vehicle with the same unit transmission to verify the tube style/length and stick, plus where the vent is located on that unit. Obviously the idea is to maintain a proper working level. If the fluid is black, make sure to change the fluid and the filter before you do anything else. I would reccomend you replace the transmission cooler in any event as the black fluid would indicate the fluid is overheating.


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