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  • kiawah 01/13/08 11:57 am PST

    Could it be that the brakes have rusted to the rotors?

    You need a shorter project list!!!

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/13/08 12:51 pm PST

    You have to jack up one wheel at a time to see which one has the frozen brake. The battery issue seems unrelated.

  • greanpea68 01/13/08 12:55 pm PST

    If you had your emergency brake on for two years with out touching it your brakes could have froze up. They also could have rusted together as another poster commented. You may need a whole new set of brakes.


  • sandman235 01/13/08 9:24 pm PST

    have you checked the brakes, could be seized up, moisture from sitting outside for a couple of years would do it,


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