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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/19/11 7:17 pm PST

    sounds like the temperature sensor has grounded out, as it should IF the vehicle were overheating. So I'd suspect the sensor in this case, not the gauge.

  • thecardoc3 11/19/11 7:47 pm PST

    Connect a voltmeter to the sending unit for the gage, and then turn the key on. Record the voltage that you read. Then unplug the sending unit and record the voltage, and note the gage reading. Now using a test light jumper the sending unit lead to ground. Record the voltage once again, and again take note of the gage reading. Lastly jumper the sending unit lead to a full ground, the voltage should be zero volts, note the gage reading. You should have seen the gage report everything from cold to hot, if it didn't your problem is in the dash. If the gage responded to the different inputs and you now have recorded what the gage reads when the voltage reading at the sensor is high, as well as low, you can then go ahead and start the engine and monitor the changes in the voltage at the sending unit as the temperature increases. This routine will help you prove if the sending unit has failed.

  • suzukirestorer 11/19/11 8:06 pm PST

    Thank you for the responses. I'll attempt to find the source methodically using a voltmeter.


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