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  • karjunkie 11/18/09 1:45 pm PST

    First thing to check is the fluid level and color. You may just be low on fluid or the fluid and filter may need to be changed. Check the fluid with the engine warm, running and in park. It should be at the right level and bright clear red. If it looks murky, brown or smells burnt, you'll want to change the fluid and filter.

  • gatorwrestler 11/18/09 2:18 pm PST

    I added 2 pints of fluid. The flued is red. The transmission has fluid on the bottom, but no "puddles" on the garage floor. Did I burn the transmission up? Also I checked the fluid in the transfer case and transmission fluid comes out of it. Are the 2 connected or should the transfer cases use heaver oil like the rear end.

  • karjunkie 11/18/09 4:00 pm PST

    Was the transmission low on fluid when you added the fluid? Was it the correct type of fluid?

  • snowball2 11/18/09 5:34 pm PST

    a couple of things might have happened,your governor circuit in the valvebody is jammed up with sludge or you governor itself apple cored

  • gatorwrestler 11/18/09 7:23 pm PST

    Yes, it was low on fluid when I finally got home. That is when I put in 2 pint of Dexron III fluid. The dipstick says Dextron II, but according to the label on the container Dexron III is better. Still goes into Park, Rev, Neutral, and just low. I will check the governor when I find out how to get to it. Thanks.

  • karjunkie 11/19/09 8:07 am PST

    I'd drop the pan and see what shows up there in deposits and sludge. Then replace the fluid and filter. DO NOT do a power flush, just a simple drain and refill. I'd also add some Seafoam Trans Tune to see if that helps clean out the deposits.


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