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  • ray80 11/21/12 7:04 am PST

    This is typical symptom of tired battery or possible cable connection issue

  • mcdawgg 11/21/12 8:08 am PST

    Could also be a bad starter motor - if it clicks once for each time you turn the key, that's the sound of the solenoid moving the pinion gear over, but no start is caused by the worn contacts.

  • king_me 11/21/12 8:21 am PST

    Could it be the main relay button or could it be the ignition switch. I don't even hear the fuel pump turning on also, just the clicking sound when I turn the key.

  • morin2 11/21/12 8:40 am PST

    Check the most obvious possibility first - that is the battery. Take it out and have it load tested. Places that sell batteries will do this for free. That is the most likely problem. If the battery is fine, then take a look at the starter/solenoid.


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