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  • zaken1 10/24/12 3:40 pm PST

    Thank you for the response.

    There is a switch on this car (only if it has an automatic transmission) called the neutral safety switch. This switch cuts off power from the ignition switch to the starter if the transmission is not in Park or Neutral. It may be that the person who originally installed the remote starter system cut some or all of the wires to the neutral safety switch; because it was not used with the remote starter. After you removed the remote starter; it would be necessary to reconnect the neutral safety switch.

    If this vehicle has a manual transmission; there is a switch on the clutch pedal linkage, called the clutch pedal position switch; which cuts power from the ignition switch to the starter unless the clutch pedal is pressed all the way down. If you don't know about this switch, and were not holding the clutch pedal all the way down when trying to start it; this would have kept the starter from working. However; it is likely that this switch was disconnected when the remote starter was installed. If that switch was disconnected; it will have to be hooked up again in order for the starter to work, now that the remote starter is not on the car.

    If you have further questions; please do not open a new question like you did this time. Instead, click the "answer this question" button below this message, and type your message in the box that appears. Then click the "submit answer" button. Thank you.

  • velardi 10/24/12 5:02 pm PST

    The car started after the alarm was removed. It was only after I fixed the wires that they left cut and opened taht the car didn't start. To be honest I cut the ignition wire all the way to fix it because they left the copper wire showing and it was breaking alittle bit. So I thought it would be best to fix the wire and use butt connectors before there was a problem. After I did that the car didn't start. When just before I did that it was starting. So then I redid my work 3 times to make sure the connection was right and it was. I tested it with a test light. Now I was talking to someone and they looked at my key and my key is a copy and it doesn't have the black computer chip on it. Can that be the problem?

  • zaken1 10/24/12 6:57 pm PST

    If the car started with your spare key in the past; then this car does not require a chip in the key. They didn't start using chips in keys until many years later.

    Please turn the headlights on; and see if they are at full brightness. If the headlights are bright; turn the key to start; and watch the brightness of the headlights while you do. If the headlights dim way down or go out when you try to start; the battery is either worn out or discharged. Try recharging the battery for 10 hours with a 6 amp or larger battery charger. If the headlights still dim or go out after recharging the battery; the battery should be replaced.

    If the headlights stay bright while you try to start; try disconnecting and taping up the wires which you had reconnected.

  • velardi 10/24/12 7:48 pm PST

    Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it. I have been a mechanic for 2 years and I have some knowledge with some cars. The battery is brand new. I jumped the starter and the starter is fine. It seems like there is some kind of security issue. The car started that day and as soon I cut the ignition wire to fix it, it has never started again unless I jump the starter.

  • zaken1 10/24/12 9:37 pm PST

    If there is an alarm system on this car; it may need to be reset. You'll need to look up the procedure for resetting the stock alarm system in the owners manual, or on the Internet. Reset procedure for aftermarket alarms will have to be found from a shop that installs alarms, or from the alarm manufacturer.

    But the symptoms you describe sound very much like what could happen if the ignition switch was lifted from its normal position on the steering column; in order to access the wires. There is a specific procdure for doing this; and if that procedure is not followed; it can result in the loss of starting function and loss of fuel pump power. If you moved the ignition switch; please go to the following link and follow the instructions there: http://www.airtexve.com/custom_searches

    If the ignition switch was not moved; the starter relay may have coincidentally failed, or been damaged electrically; so it is worth replacing. Here's a link to photos of that relay: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinf

    GM ignition switches have a built in security feature; which grounds the wire to the starter solenoid when the key is off. If you jumped the starter without first disconnecting the wire from the ignition switch; it could have fried the ignition switch; and/or the starter relay. So these are the places where I would look.

  • velardi 10/25/12 6:54 pm PST

    Thanks for you help. I will have to do some research on what you told me. Do you have an email address that I can reach you at after I do my research and look at car?

  • Stever@Edmunds 10/25/12 7:58 pm PST

    Please report back here (or in a new thread) after you make some progress. That way other people reseaching similar problems with a net search will be able to get all the help they need.




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