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  • dstarinieri 10/16/08 7:51 pm PST

    Check out th oxygen sensor as well. Had the same problem with a Dodge and it was the O2 sensor. Good Luck. That truck will run to an easy 300,000 miles.

  • zaken1 10/16/08 8:05 pm PST

    With that amount of mileage on the vehicle, there is a good chance that the timing chain has broken or jumped out of sync. One way to check that would be to remove the distributor cap, and then turn the engine until the tip of the rotor is pointing directly at the location of the terminal for the plug wire that goes to #1 cylinder. (If the rotor does not turn when you operate the starter; the timing chain is definitely bad.) When the rotor tip lines up VERY CLOSELY with the terminal for #1 cylinder plug wire, the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley should be lined up with the marks on the engine block; somewhere between TDC, and 10 degrees to the left of the TDC mark. If the timing mark on the pulley is not near these marks on the block, when the rotor is lined up as described above; the timing chain has jumped.

    Another way to see if an engine has jumped time is to run a compression check. If the compression pressure is below 120 psi, then the chain has probably jumped.

    If the timing chain is not bad, then you probably are not getting spark. That would most likely be caused by a failed ignition module, a bad distributor cap, bad plug wires, or a defective coil. Another, less likely ignition part that could do this is the ignition pick up unit.

    As the other poster experienced; pre 1997 Dodges will not run if the O2 sensor heater becomes shorted; but this will not prevent a Chevy engine from starting. Chevy emission control systems do not have the infamous Chrysler design defect.

    I hope this helps!!!

  • tufftoys 05/13/09 5:46 am PST

    Remove the cap and rotor, under the rotor button, there is a module that has two screws and has male plugs. Mine acted like it was starving for fuel. Anyway the module is about 2 to 2 1/2" long and only about 1/2" thick, and about 1" wide. Mine would start for a few sec. and die, my mechanic that I call told me over the phone what it was. He's got talent, anyway the module has a white litheum grease that goes under it, dont forget to put it on, or you will burn that one up too. Hope this helps. Darryl
    ps The chip cost about $7 at Autozone

  • mobcop19 04/21/10 12:15 pm PST

    try the things the other guys mentioned but first you need to make sure you are getting spark. if you are and you said it looks like your getting decent fuel, try disconnecting of one of the injectors, you may be getting too much fuel. it will probably start but only run at idle and cut off if you give it any gas at all. that would more than likely be your coolant temp sensor. i know it sounds funny but it regulates your fuel pressure and sends false signals to your computer to dump too much fuel. i went through the same thing. replaced everything and it ended up being the coolant temp sensor. cost about 15dollars. thats where i would put my money. let me know what happens. mobcop19@yahoo.com

  • realfly1 10/11/10 7:47 am PST

    I had the same issues,, thought it was fuel pump then plugs etc etc... working fine one day then sputtering missing.. replaced everything as well,. Replaced the ignition module right under the distributor cap, the prongs were pretty corroded, not sending signal to the rotor. Started right up! 210000 miles when this happened. Hope this helps


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