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  • karjunkie 03/24/09 5:56 pm PST

    It could be one of two parts acting up. I would check the oil pump first as they tend to wear out the shaft and cause a reverse problem. Other wise, it is the clutches. There are two sets of clutches used in reverse, the low/reverse clutch pack in the back of the case, and the reverse input clutches in the drum just behind the pump. Check for 1st gear engine braking by shifting the trans into 1st gear as you are traveling at a reasonable speed in 2nd. Say 15-20 mph downshift to low and you should feel the downshift ,the engine rpm go up, and the car should decelerate. If if just "freewheels" without any engine braking you have a problem in the low reverse clutch pack. If you get 1st gear engaging, then it is the reverse input clutches. Usually, you can get the clutches repaired for about $5-700.


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