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  • tony78 12/28/08 12:43 am PST

    It is best to use factory parts for servicing your car.

    A lot of times,aftermarket parts are a " universal fit "

    Thats why they say to use rtv sealant.

    Then again you already know that the original gasket has the best fit anyway.

    What were we talking about ?

  • obyone 12/28/08 1:08 am PST

    Agreed. The oem gasket from your local ford dealer won't cost much more and will be guaranteed to fit you intake manifold. I'd use the RTV to hold the gasket in place while installing it.

  • rainman1978 02/14/11 5:33 am PST

    i agree my ranger had same problem and i bought the aftermarket gasket and used the black rtv sealent and i used alot of it to make sure nothing bad would happen. a little over six months later i sprung a leak. go to ford and get the real gasket for your year ranger.


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