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  • bandit10 06/17/08 3:27 am PST

    Try using www.autozone.com they have a very easy diagnostic site where they ask you certain questions your having in your catogory and narrow down to the problem area. It really is an easy to use site and full of diagrams.

  • fordfan_17 06/17/08 11:51 am PST

    this transmission 4L60E has actually been around since 1982 known as the 700R4 before it became electronically controlled. in late 1992. these trans have a 3-4 clutch failure problem form the word go in 82 when they came out if you stall test the trans (brakes applied full throttle) then you are checking the trans in 1st gear only and or rev only. you wont be able to test pressures in the other gear circuits without a pressure gauge and a tech manual.have it checked at a trans shop. your description is 3-4 clutch failure to me


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