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  • karjunkie 05/11/09 8:43 am PST

    Running rich is not a timing issue, although you might have that problem as well. Given the age of the truck, I suspect you have a gunked up EGR valve or idle air control (IAC) valve or both. You may also have a bad PCV valve. These would cause a rich run condition. The PCV valve is usually located in the valve cover and runs via rubber hose to the intake manifold. It is inexpensive and can be replaced very easily. The EGR valve and the IAC valve are connected to the intake manifold and can be removed and cleaned with an old toothbrush and throttle body spray cleaner. Use the remaining TB cleaner to spray inside the TB especially around the throttle plate as per the instructions on the can. One last thing would be to check the oxygen sensors. I helped a friend with the same engine that had a rich condition and it turned out to be that the oxygen sensor wires had been rubbed bare and were shorting out. Good luck and let me know what you find!

  • mdmit87 05/11/09 5:47 pm PST

    well here is what i found out my scanner isn't working right lol i had a friend bring his out and it pulled the code for the throttle position sensor and another friend brought on off his blazer so we put it in and cleared the code and set the timing and not it runs like a top lol only has 147,000 miles on it also it drives pretty good now lol

  • karjunkie 05/11/09 6:14 pm PST

    Glad to hear you got the problem solved! Congrats!

  • mdmit87 05/11/09 6:15 pm PST

    ya i'm glad that the sensor was the only thing wrong with it i got the truck for free and am going to have it fixed for 30 bucks so its a pretty good deal on my end


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