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  • zolecki 11/09/08 5:06 pm PST

    I would check the throttle body, make sure it and the sensors in it are not gummed up. Here is a site that may help, http://oljeep.com/index.html.

  • karjunkie 11/09/08 5:06 pm PST

    . There are several other things to check for a stalling problem that are cheap and easy to do. First, I would change the crankshaft position (CPS) sensor, as it is the most usual reason for sudden stalling. It is a cheap and easy fix as it justs bolt on the engine case with one 10mm metric bolt and has an electrical connector that just snaps on to the wiring harness. Next, I would change the spark plugs and the air filter. A worn spark plug or clogged air filter could result in stalling or missing. Clean your EGR valve as it may also contribute to stalling. The EGR valve is connected to the intake manifold and can be removed and cleaned with throttle body spray cleaner. Next, check the fuel pump. Turn the key to the on position without starting the car and listen for the sound of the fuel pump from the area of the back seat. If you do not hear the pump pressurizing the fuel system you may have a bad fuel pump. Make sure your injectors are clean and functioning properly. Run some Techron injector cleaner through a couple of tank fulls of gasoline. Lastly, clean the MAF sensor wires in the intake plenum with CRC sensor spray. All these steps are easy and cheap to do and are advisable anyway since they are maintenance items. If you go to the autozone website there are step by step instructions to most of these procedures. Good luck!


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