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  • zaken1 06/06/09 12:14 pm PST

    The computer reset should be able to be done by any shop that is qualified to deal with electronic engine controls and fuel injection systems. Basically, it just requires having a tool called a scanner; which is capable of being programmed with information specific to your brand and model of vehicle. The programming is available as an Internet download, from the scanner manufacturer.

    I personally think it is a sin that auto manufacturers are allowed to build vehicles which require expensive repair procedures whenever a routine thing like a battery disconnect is done. In my mind; this is comparable to the rip off that gas stations were doing by charging fees for people to get air to pump up their tires. But enough people got together on that one to have a law passed which made it illegal for a gas station to refuse to give someone free air, if they requested it.

    I think the same type of law should now be enacted; to require car dealers to do free computer reprogramming, whenever the battery is disconnected.


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