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  • camtech 12/09/09 8:57 am PST

    intermittent starting problems can be the worst things to solve. i go through it on a weekly basis. there are alot of things that can cause this and finding this over a forum could send you just chasing your tail. this is when a good autotech come into play. but i will help you out the best i can. is your toyota dis or does it have a distributor?? the computer initialy energizes the fuel pump for a few seconds and then when it cranks the computer gets a tach signal so it keeps the fuel pump on. if the crank sensor or pickup coil in the dirstributor is faulty than the computer will shut down the fuel pump and that could be why you are seeing the fuel pressure drop ( injectors firing the remaining fuel in rail) when you are cranking. i would start this might be a thing where yu have to leave it with your mechanic for a few days.

  • wpd019 10/02/10 12:14 pm PST

    It could be the Ignition Control Module which is connected to the Distributor. It's an easy install and you set the RPM by that piece also. Had to replace it twice in my 1994 Toyota Camry LE and came to find out they have constant issues over-heating. This could be the problem but if it was the Ignition Control Module it wouldn't crank at all. The battery would come on and maybe a click but no noise.

  • ssindiana 09/14/12 3:50 pm PST

    I am having the same issue 94 Camry Le 2.2L.... I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator, distributor, wires, plugs, check the fuel relay, and I have even went so far as to change out the ecu.... I have bee working with it for over a year and have learned not to get excited when I change what I think may be the problem. It usually runs without a problem for 2 weeks or so and then all of a sudden... lol... it was 2 months after I changed the fuel regulator. I am convinced at this point that it's electrical though... I suppose I could be wrong, but I am having it checked out anyway. I am not ready to give up on this car. Did you ever figure anything out with your car?


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