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  • tallman1 04/01/08 11:22 pm PST

    I'm not sure what you are asking but there are at least two basic scenarios here:

    1. The security light is on and the car won't start.
    2. The light is on and the car runs fine.

    If #1, then you may have an issue with your key, the wiring, or something in the ignition switch broke.

    If #2, a number of things might have broken or come loose that allow that circuit to stay open. I know people who ignore it and have been driving with it on for years.

  • deven1 07/18/09 5:43 pm PST

    hi, i don't have an answer for you (sorry!) but have a similar problem w/ my 2000 firebird-security light is on, and the car won't start, have you found anything?

  • tnewsome 07/08/10 1:59 pm PST

    My 1994 Camaro (3.4,V6) security light was blinking and the car would not start. The manuel says to reset the security through the radio, I don't have a factory radio, so that route led nowhere. On the internet there were suggestions of turning the key on for 10 minutes to reset, but nothing worked. I called the Chevy dealership and a very helpful parts rep said its either the Key w/chip is bad or the ignition is bad. I took my key to the dealer and they checked it for free and it was still good. Then he showed me a new ignition cylinder as a sample to show me how there are two white wires that turn with the key and one of those is most likely broken.
    Sure enough when with the help of a friend, who knew what he was doing, we found one of the white wires was broken. We fixed the wire and now she works just fine.
    *NOTE - removing the steering wheel is no easy task, you will need a steering wheel puller and snap ring pliers and a good memory of the order of diassembly to reassembly, also the parts (ie.springs) for the horn will want to drop away when you remove the airbag

  • mcgilljb18 03/20/11 9:48 pm PST

    I have the same problem workin one minute and the next it [profanity deleted], well what i did i just pushed the unlock button a few times and she started right up it works everytime just that i hope the battery in the security lock thing dont die.



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