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  • fix_it_right 02/18/11 8:56 pm PST

    Due to the fact the brake and hazards are effected I have to ask if the blinker is also effected? In my experence I have seen that brakes hazards and blinkers all use common wires and relays, the first thing that i would check is the relays if that is not the problem the next sugestion that i would give is to connect a new blinker arm
    NOTE: Sometimes you can disconnect the blinker arm under the dash with out removeing the whole asslembly and just plug the new arm into the disconnected wires to test if this will fix the problem. however be careful to make shure the battery is disconneted during removel due to the fact the air bags / SRS wires are down there to and if you ground the right wires it could cause them to deploy

  • zaken1 02/18/11 8:56 pm PST

    This kind of problem usually comes from a bad ground connection for the light assembly. The light assembly must be solidly connected to ground; as well as being connected to a power source. Some light assembly models ground through the mounting bolts. In those instances; if there is paint on the body panel where the light assembly mounts; it can block the flow of electricity. Sometimes a body panel loses electrical continuity with adjacent panels, if the welds become corroded. In those situations; it sometimes becomes necessary to run a dedicated ground wire from the light assembly to a known good ground point.

    Other light assemblies use a ground wire to connect the light housing to a bolt in the body or the frame. If the ground wire is broken or if the connection becomes corroded; this can disable the light. But it sometimes happens that low powered bulbs like taillights will work with a poor ground connection; but higher current filaments like brakelights or hazard lights will cut off when power is sent to them. When that happens; the taillght will usually also cut off at that moment. Disassembling and scraping ground wire connectors and body panels back to bare metal will often do wonders for light performance.

  • jlflemmons 02/19/11 12:35 am PST

    By changing out the "fixture" do you mean you replaced the sockets the bulb goes in, or just the lens? Sockets can fail over time and replacements are available at any reputable parts store.

    Curious, do the turn signals work? Don't have a wiring diagram handy, but you may have a bad flasher module.

  • bbecky123 02/19/11 10:02 am PST

    The fixture includes the sockets. Also, no the blinker is not working. Will look into your suggestions, thank you for taking the time to answer my question.


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