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  • fordfan_17 05/09/08 1:25 am PST

    does the trans function correctly in d3 ? if yes suspect the range switch (manual lever position sensor) if no might be an internal problem. i have seen many hondas that the dash light is simply burnt out and never effected trans operation.

  • chriskli21 05/10/08 4:30 pm PST

    i read that it could have something to do with the mainshaft speed sensor
    where is the mainshaft speed sensor on the 95 honda accord?

  • groundlber 05/22/08 9:06 pm PST

    Mine 1995 shifts hard if cruise is left on while driving in the city, much improved when shutoff during city driving. As a preventive measure I drained a pint of trans fluid and added some BG ATC+ transmission additive ran for 300 miles then drained and filled with Honda transmission fluid. Run another 300 miles drained and refilled with Honda fluid. Transmission feels and runs great now. Still don't recommend leaving cruise on during city driving. As for light? I wouldn't be too concerned if you can manually shift it and see a RPM change in all positions.


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