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  • 0patience 06/13/08 1:08 am PST

    Jeep calls it an intermittent wiper module and it runs around $45.

    The intermittent wiper module is attached to the left cowl side trim panel with a hook and loop fastener patch. Kind of under the dash area, by the front part of the driver's door opening.

    That module would be the first place to lookand the likely suspect. But be aware that it could also be a problem with the multifunction/combination switch.

  • epearson 02/07/11 6:22 pm PST

    The writer was correct, the wiper relay is found on the left hand side next to hood release. Remove four screws and you will find it attached my velcro. This is my second relay hint: don't turn on wipers if there is a lot of snow or ice on windshield, you will burn out relay. I purchased relay on ebay for $27.00 and it fixed the problem. REMEMBER, DON'T ENGAGE WIPERS IF THE BLADES WON'T MOVE.


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