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  • tony78 10/10/08 12:12 pm PST

    Boy you guys must really want to torture the poor kid by unloading that piece of junk on her,,why don't you do her and yourselves a big fat favor and junk that clunker today,,let her go buy a car of her own choice and you can write this off as just another stupid decision you've made in your journey thru life.

  • pmanwaring 10/10/08 12:38 pm PST

    Tony, would love to get rid of it. Problem is with what we paid for it and repairs we are in over $4000. Also, it runs, drives and rides fantastic once it gets started it seems great. Got a feeling the problem is something minor and stupid just no one has been able to figure it out. Most of the repairs and money we put into it just didn't need to be done. Anyone know of a great repair shop in the Evansville IN area?

  • tony78 10/10/08 11:41 pm PST

    I was just thinkin with the high cost o f school and all and how your daughter is really trying to do her level best and being so far from mom and pop,,,what she needs is everything to be a positive and in her favor.

    You can't look at this car like it's some kind of investment,,and start adding up how much time and effort you got into it,,,cars you pay for em for 5 years,,,then you get the 5 year honeymoon,,,well brother that honeymoon is over,,,

    If you really like this car so much,,why don't you trade your daughter your car,,then you can make up all sorts of excuces to your boss why you are always late to work ,,,just the same way she has been telling her professors all of these months.

  • canddmeyer 10/11/08 6:49 am PST

    It probably needs a new battery. As for not starting until two or three attempts, I'd suspect it to be fuel related, but that's already been addressed, so it's time to look at sensors. Other things to look at is a basic tune-up, like spark plugs and cap and rotor. If that checks out ok then move on to replacing the crankshaft/camshaft position sensor. It's all guesswork if the engine isn't dropping codes.

    Not so sure rewiring things was a good idea unless a dealer was doing it. Unless you plan driving 250 miles to check it out, it may be best to let a mechanic have a look at it.


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