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  • simpilot1 07/24/08 6:31 am PST

    "You can hear it, it is firing" --- "it will turn on but nothing hits or fires." What are you hearing, is it firing or isn't it? Check for igntion.

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  • lisyvonne 07/24/08 7:03 pm PST

    thanks, thats what i get for getting my wife to ask... it turns over and i checked my plugs and all are firing and you can hear the fuel pump engage. also sprayed ether into intake with no results.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/24/08 8:07 pm PST

    If you sprayed ether into the intake and didn't get anything, either you don't have spark, you have very very weak spark, or your plugs are fouled completely, or you have lost the timing belt (4 cylinder).

    If it's a V-6, that has a chain and is not likely to break and I suspect ignition issues.

  • lisyvonne 07/24/08 9:02 pm PST

    thanks, it's a 4 cylinder

  • dennis108 09/29/11 3:26 pm PST

    96 ranger stop running while driven wont start back up


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