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  • bpari005 01/21/08 9:15 pm PST

    The VATS module is probably gone bad. That is the module that disables the starter incase of an attempted hotwire. It looks for the resistor that is built into the key. There should be a little sliver of metal on the key just below the black plastic head. Maybe also a bad key. you might try to clean off the sliver of metal with alcohol. Hope its not the security module.

  • bolivar 01/31/08 7:26 pm PST

    First thing to do is clean the key. The 'pellet' on the key may be dirty and the ignition is not correctly reading it.

    Next, there may be a broken wire in the steering column causing this problem.

  • 94caddy 02/10/08 1:19 pm PST

    hey bud, this is very simple. REPLACE THE KEY! i had the same headache for a while til my wife broke the darn key so i had to go to the dealership and buy a new key..... guess what? i have not yet had that problem again... i spent over $400 before that trying to correct the darn problem.... good luck!

  • itsmejohn 04/04/08 7:54 pm PST

    I have a 94 deville concours and after changing the battery, (after it was sitting dead for a month) the alarm - siren went off and won't let me start it. Key works in any position but, start. I tried all the instructions in the manual for disabling the alarm. I thought someone tried to put a different key in it, trying to steal it.
    Do you have any suggestions for me in disabling this? You really think cleaning, or buying a new key will solve this?

  • chris161 05/10/09 10:32 am PST

    i removed the key bought a new one the car turns on i put a start up alarm on it but its been on for three monyhs and it just happend

  • chris161 05/10/09 10:38 am PST

    what should i do i bought a new key and it still gives me that masage

  • hotplanet 10/03/10 7:48 pm PST

    alarm system shut down due to car thief. How can i get my system back on track without all the hassle?


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