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  • Stever@Edmunds 04/26/10 11:17 pm PST

    Did you go to an auto parts store to see if any codes were read and did you check out the chip in the key as was recommended when you posted a month ago?

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  • tickettaker 04/27/10 5:44 pm PST

    seems odd both keys would go bad at same time, theres no check engine lite or service engine soon lite. most auto stores wou'nt hook it up with out a lite on. idid check key with meter. and bought risisters. iput them in the harness coming down the sterring colum. ifound in a wiring diagram off the internet. not sure where to put the risister.

  • karjunkie 04/27/10 6:11 pm PST

    If you have the GM passlock system in that car, this is a site that will show you how to disable it: http://www.kingbain.com/how-to/how-to-p
    However, if it were my car I would see what the dealer will charge to fix it first. It may just be a simple reprogrammingis needed or a inched wire in the steering column. I would want the car to have an anti theft system working as it should.

  • tickettaker 04/27/10 6:41 pm PST

    thanks karjunkie can't get to it rite away, this is the best lead so far.

  • karjunkie 04/28/10 7:04 am PST

    You're very welcome! Good luck with it!

  • tickettaker 04/28/10 4:24 pm PST

    iam still open for other web sites, since sometimes cadallac will take things a step futher,

  • tony164 05/17/11 10:49 am PST


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