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  • alaskanj 04/06/10 10:38 pm PST

    Nope cant be done or it can but it wont fix the problem, yes you need a new radiator or trany cooler or both if its not a one piece deal..Once you fix that then you can have the trany rebuilt because the friction discs in the trany dont take to coolant and water too good. They loose all the material on them that make them a friction disc.. and that is why it feels like you are in neutral, the clutch packs are no longer grabbing....

  • rob1357 04/06/10 10:45 pm PST

    so you dont think it would fix it even if the trans tries to pull wene you put it in gear

  • alaskanj 04/06/10 11:11 pm PST

    Nope, there is nothing left to grab on those disc's. they need replacing, which can only be done with a rebuild...

  • alaskanj 04/06/10 11:16 pm PST

    Just to be sure did the coolant look all nasty too, the same color as on the trany dipstick? That fluid should travel both ways if it really is the cooler, what you find in the trany will be what you find in the radiator.....While the car is running the trany pressure is greater than the cooling system pressure and after you shut down the engine the cooling system pressure is still under pressure and is now greater than the trany, so the fluid travels back and forth to make one big slurry...

  • rob1357 04/07/10 2:52 pm PST

    Itook the trans cover off and the fluid was full of water and it had little shavings in the fluid so i guess ill have to change the trans and yes the coolant was dirty too


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