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  • karjunkie 12/13/09 4:02 pm PST

    It is a royal pain in the butt, but doable for anyone with moderate mechanical skills. With the book rate @ 14+ hrs and shop rate $70+, you may want to tackle it yourself if you're handy The part's only about $40, You can join Alldata to get the shop manual information (www.alldatadiy.com) and you should absolutely do so before taking on the task! The job requires that you remove the driver's seat (so that you can lift the carpet out to remove the rear vent assembly), the steering column, the dash, the windshield wiper assembly, the cowling assembly (seal this well on reasembly-Town Cars are known for leaks here), then you can get to the bolts to remove the plenum and disassemble it to remove the heater core! Then reverse the proceedure. It is not rocket science but rather time consuming and you MUST follow the steps religiously.

  • nwraaa 12/15/09 7:05 am PST

    Put a couple of cans of radiator stop leak in the car. Heater core replacement on these cars is a nightmare.


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