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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/15/08 4:00 pm PST

    This is a bit tricky as you have to check it under the car and also fill it from under the car. The problem is checking the level with the check plug requires that you know the exact transmission fluid temperature.

    I'd suggest you get a workshop manual if you want to do this yourself since there are a lot of steps to doing it.

    • ATF level is checked at the ATF check plug.

    - ATF level is correct if a little bit of fluid exits at the ATF check plug between 35 and 45 Centigrade. Fluid level rises according to heat.


    1) For warm countries 50°C

    • Secure container of the filler tool you are using as high up on vehicle as possible.
    • Raise vehicle.
    • Place drip tray under transmission.

    WARNING!: Wear protective glasses.

    • Add ATF if no ATF has exited from the ATF check plug hole by 40°C.
    • ATF specification
    • Insert filler tool into the filler opening in the protective cap, but do not knock cap upward

    Fill with ATF using filler tool until ATF exits from the check hole.

    • lways replace seal (arrow) for the ATF check plug.
    • Tighten ATF check plug to 80 Nm .

    If you have the optional auxiliary oil cooler there are further procedures, but you get the idea of why a book would be good to have.

    If you are scheduled for a service at your dealer, this check might be part of the package.


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