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  • zaken1 05/08/10 5:48 pm PST

    There probably is a dimmer control for the dash lights somewhere near the instrument panel. If this control was turned all the way down, it would shut the dash lights off. And if the dimmer has malfunctioned, or if the fuse which protects the dash lights has blown out; that would also prevent the dash lights from working.

  • octoberbd1 05/08/10 6:22 pm PST

    Thanks for the suggestion. So, is this just a fuse problem?

    If so, I wonder why the Honda guys didn't find it?


  • zaken1 05/08/10 7:41 pm PST

    As I said, this could be either a fuse or a dimmer rheostat problem. Check it yourself and you may find out whether Honda techs messed up or not. They, like the rest of us; sometimes make mistakes.

  • octoberbd1 05/08/10 8:01 pm PST

    Okay....where to I find the fuse box and rheostat?

  • zaken1 05/08/10 8:20 pm PST

    My question to you is; why did the dealer feel justified in charging you for parts and labor when they didn't fix the problem that you asked them to fix? Didn't they check to see if the dash lights worked after they were through? Or did they just give up? Have you discussed this with them? I doubt that Honda Customer Service would agree that you should be charged in such a situation.

    The rheostat should be a small wheel or knob on the dashboard, near the instrument cluster. They are often placed in obscure or hard to see locations. I suppose it is also possible that the rheostat is located along the stalk of the headlight switch; but I would not expect to find it there. If the problem was fixed by the dealership; but the rheostat was then turned all the way to dim when they gave you the car back; it would look like the lights still don't work. That's why it is important for you to find the rheostat and try turning it up.

    The fuse box is under the dashboard or in the glove box. The cover of the box should be labeled with the names of the circuits each fuse protects. Sometimes a fuse will look intact; but will actually be broken internally; so it is important to replace the fuse with a known good one of the same rating; rather than just concluding it is good because it doesn't look burned out.

  • octoberbd1 05/09/10 11:11 am PST

    Thanks, I'll check it out.

  • donnajeane 06/22/10 5:10 pm PST

    Not sure if you ever fixed your problem. My 1995 Honda with 238,000 on it has a similar problem - dashboard lights went out and odometer stopped. There is a mechanical / non-digital gear that is responsible for working these that needs to be replaced. Possibly it is easier to simply replace the entire instrument cluster which can be purchased used online through eBay or another source. There is a pigtail part that is important to the replacement process also. My GoodYear repair person here in north Texas knows exactly what the problem is but it will cost me a little over $300 for them to get a used part and repair it. I plan on finally replacing the vehicle within the next 12 months after owning it for 15 years so I'm not sure I'm going to fix it. It is not required to pass inspection. Not sure if that helps at all.


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