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  • karjunkie 11/02/09 10:51 am PST

    The Ford Explorer has a problem with broken blend doors. Your Lincoln has a problem with the blend door actuator going bad. Here is a step by step repair guide with pictures.


  • caristo 12/19/09 3:29 am PST

    I have a 1997 lincoln mark viii. I fixed this problem myself because i had no heat and i replaced the water pump, thermostat, and flushed out my hoses to the heater core and still i only had cold air. This fixed my problem...take out your glove box, and in the lower left corner there's a lever...keep your hand on the lever and put your heat on full blast then hit the max ac button if the lever doesn't move when you hit the AC button THERE'S YOUR problem. All i had to do was put the lever down and i got heat...it's worth a try! (make sure your car is running and warmed up when you do this)

  • rj2001 11/29/11 6:28 pm PST

    Thanks for your help, My friend had the same problem so I told him about your fix and wa-la he has heat. He has a 1998 Mark VIII.


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