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  • melsauto 09/12/08 6:06 pm PST

    In general the things which need to be checked:
    1.Make sure the upper and lower radiator hoses are hot( it shows that the coolant is circulating, eliminates radiator clog and defective thermostat).
    2. The coolant fan should come on at around 185 to 212 deg F(does it come on).Defetive relay, coolant fan switch or PCM.
    3.If the head gasket is bad you should see white smoke from the exhaust, coolant in the oil , or low compression in 1 or more cylinders.
    4. If the radiator is clogged coolant will not circulate check(the radiator lower hose will not be hot).
    Note: A fan control relay is used by PCM to control engine cooling fan operation.The engine coolant fan is turned On or Off by the PCM.

    Hope this helps good luck.


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