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  • karjunkie 12/17/09 1:27 pm PST

    I'd bet the only thing wrong with it is the power cord has a broken wire or plug. The block heater side of the cord is easily removable. Look up by the oil filter, you will see where it crosses over the frame rail and over to the side of the block. There is a metal clip that retains the end of the cord to the heater. Pull the clip off and the cord pops off. I don’t recall if it is keyed so I would mark it. If you follow the cord along the frame rail you see that it is held to some plastic “T” shaped mounts via a little tape. Cut it all loose then pull the cord free of the truck. Ford and International dealers sell replacement cords. If it is just broken near the plug, you can cut off the plug and rewire the cord with a heavy duty plug from the hardware store.


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