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  • docj 03/09/09 4:19 pm PST

    The resistor is located on the HVAC housing next to/near the blower motor itself.
    Its under the hood,passenger side,up in the corner behind the reservoirs.

    The resistor will not stop the blower motor from working entirely,just on one or more of the low speeds.If the resistor failed,you would still always have high speed blower.
    Since its not working at all,i suspect a faulty blower motor itself ,loss of voltage to the motor and/or a poor ground.
    Take a 12 volt test light and check for voltage/power at the power motor itself.Check it with the switch on high speed,Ignition on..If there is power there,check to make sure the ground is clean and tight.Touch the test light to the blower motor housing,if it lights up,poor ground.
    If all that checks ok,faulty blower motor.
    You can take a long piece of 10 or 12 gauge fused jumper wire and disconnect the power wire at the blower,then with the jumper wire,touch one end to the battery positive terminal and the other end to the blower terminal,if the blower works,then you have a power supply problem.

    Heres is a quick est you can try,Turn the blower on,ignition on,and lightly give the blower motor a whack with your fist or a rubber mallet,the blower may come to life or at least make a noise /growl.If so,replace it!
    Dont for get to check the fuse too.It may have blown if the blower motor failed.

    Doc J


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